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2014 is the year of the mobile revolution and the eclipse of the worldwide web. To keep your clients, why not give each of them a free mobile site accessed by a QR code? Using our association’s print-to-mobile (P2M) program your cost per site is $ 22/month. On the revenue side you control all the client’s print plus earnings on add-ons such as outbound texting, mobile video production and interfaces with social media. PBBA-member companies may obtain one mobile site for free simply by texting P2M to 90210 or going to everyone.mobi.com and using the PBBA Sponsor Code EOM8476. You will receive (1) a template to drop in your content and, once activated, a QR code to bring mobile users to your landing page. PBBA will also provide you with your own keyword to 90210 and the option to send mass text “push” messages. iZigg.com/pbba fees may apply (or you may become an iZigg.com agency and resell TXT messaging to others at a profit rate exceeding 200%).

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